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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Looking for Success Stories

Much of the attention in this forum has been on people with concerns and complaints. But what about the people who are satisfied? We'd like to hear some feedback in support of CMP and some anecdotal evidence of where differentiated instruction has made a positive impact on the student's math experience.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it would make sense to compile a survey of parents whose students have participated in CMP since its introduction. The survey could be composed by parents, teachers, and administration in order to get an overview of how the program is serving students at all levels. In addition, the survey could have a section for comments in which success stories or dissatisfaction could be shared. The survey should take place as soon as feasible so that the School Committee can accurately get a feel of community sentiment.

Marj Andresen said...

The School Administration did a brief survey of this year's 6th grade CMP pilot. This is a small sample but it might contain some valid feedback.

Other towns have surveyed the community, as proposed, and have collected very good information that they used to improve their math offerings. I would love to see Andover undertake a similar process in the upcoming school year. But I also believe that the School Committee has received a lot of feedback over the past couple of months. I believe that with what we already know we should be pushing for change to the current program. A survey would help to quantify our feelings and to set the future direction appropriately.

Newton's math curriculum survey can be seen at: