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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Andover Townsman weekly poll

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You can vote in this week's poll at the bottom right:
Andover assistant superintendent, the leader in determining how lessons are taught and what textbooks are used, is leaving. On what area do you want the next curriculum czar to focus most:
Elementary school math and science
Elementary school English
Other elementary school needs
Middle school math and science
Middle school English
Other middle school needs
High school math and science
High school English
Other high school needs

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Anonymous said...

A total of 57 people voted:
8.77 % said "elementary school math + science"
No one said "elementary school English"
No one said "other elementary school needs"
80.70 % said "middle school math and science"
3.51% said "middle school English"
No one said "other middle school needs"
3.51% said "high school math and science"
1.75% said "high school English"
1.75% said "other high school needs"