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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

School Committee Meeting March 13, 2007

At last night's School Committee meeting Dr. O'Neil gave an update on the middle school math discussion. Dr. O'Neil said that all three of the middle school principals have been meeting together and with their respective teachers. The math curriculum council also met on this date. The plan, as explained, is that potential solutions will be brought forward at the next curriculum council meeting with the intent to implement for the next school year. Dr. O'Neil said that solutions might not "look the same" at all three of the middle schools because of differing school philosophies, school leadership and school compostion.

Art Barber then asked about the comparable community data and whether or not this had been investigated. Both Debbie Silberstein and Tony James joined in the conversation clarifying that the question is why other communities believe they can have leveling and still maintain the middle school concept but Andover does not. Dr. O'Neil has the action item to follow up on this information.

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Anonymous said...

Leveling is necessary and more efficient in Math instruction due to the nature of cognitive development required. In addition, the use of CMP is a stumbling block for all! It is set at a numbing pace for the mathematically gifted. The use of investigations has value, but the program does not consistently give students clear summary statements with which to clarify their understanding. Students who are less gifted mathematically need this. Surely, the teachers summarize and review, but rarely can this understanding be referenced in CMP books by students and parents.