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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Signs of Progress

It's too early to know for sure, but there were several encouraging signs this month on the middle school math front. As noted in the comments to the 2/27 School Committee post, AHS administered a "diagnostic" math test to this year's 10th graders to identify any gaps in their math knowledge and will offer after-school tutoring to those who need to catch up. This was presented at the school committee meeting as a direct response to the concerns raised at the 1/31 roundtable.

The Andover Townsman asked each of the School Committee candidates whether the middle school math program should be changed. (See the answers in the 3/1/07 link under "News Articles" at the left of this page.) Both the phrasing of the question and the fact that it was asked at all are indicators that our concerns are beginning to be not only heard but are something to be acted upon.

Finally, the liaison group of parents from each of the middle schools met with Marcia O'Neil on March 2nd and was told that the expansion of CMP into 6th grade has been "tabled" for this year, pending completion of a full evaluation of the curriculum. APS should be commended for this common-sense decision.

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